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School Projects - Oceana Sharks

As a family business Liquid Walls of course has a history with more than just private clients, but also schools. Especially from 2012 - 2015 where we worked closely with both of the Pacifica California high schools, Oceana and Terra Nova.

Oceana Sharks

The Sharks mural we worked on for Oceana was our most stand out mural during our time in Pacifica. Showing right over the highway the sharks growing to 40 feet! it was easy to see how well we worked in a large scale.

Mural scale

The Oceana sharks mural was a blast to work on, and the talk of the town during and after our work on it. But how do you pull off work at this scale? Oddly enough it's a matter of creative design, math, and know how. Starting with such a large wall of concrete our first step was to spray out our blue ocean, and make sure to fade the blue out over the whole 120 foot wall. Then using a grid along side our finished concept art we began blocking in each shark's placement, and finally the school's title. Of course after all that the rest is simply art work, and protecting it with the proper glaze coat.

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Peter Bogdanov
Peter Bogdanov
Jul 01, 2022

Great post. You wrote it well.

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