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Forest Painting
Artist Isaiah Bogdanov

Skateboard Artist

Both for Bad Petrovich, and for my personal painting I've found skateboards to be a very interesting canvas. From shape to material they've proven themselves commercially, and artistically.


Today I've sold almost every board I've painted. Even better I see myself growing from each one. No matter whether I have to restore the board, or can start fresh. Each one serves as a small step to a journey

I'm all too happy to let others take part in.


If you'd like to see what joining looks like enjoy a look below,

or visit our Bad Petrovich site to take one home for yourself.

Isaiah Painting Skateboard

Artist Statement

Raised by and around artist like my father Peter I've of course always admired their talent. However after living so long in their shadows. Following their giant foot steps. I realized that Talent isn't what most think it is. Instead of some innate ability I've noticed from watching them that talent is instead the fruit of  passionate labor. Meaning that not only I could be like them, but that in some way we all can!

Skate Board Painting Showcase

The Fine art portfolios of Isaiah Bogdanov


Isaiah Painting Mural

Acrylic Painter

Self trained until my apprenticeship I've been painting with acrylics most of my life. Not to mention helping with many of Liquid Walls mural projects.

Watercolor Artist

On a much more personal scale though I still love water color painting. Both as a way to create, and to study various ways art can work best together.

Skateboard Artist

Putting my talents to use as the primary artist for Bad Petrovich's skateboard line

Mini Canvas Paintings
Water Color Flash Showcase

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