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School Projects - Terra Nova

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

As a family business Liquid Walls of course has a history with more than just private clients, but also schools. Especially from 2012 - 2015 where we worked closely with both of the Pacifica California high schools, Oceana and Terra Nova.

Terra Nova Wrestling

The first of 3 projects with Terra Nova we worked firstly with the wrestling team's coach. Already being known for painting tigers when he was starting out Peter excitedly went to work, and as a result impressed the school so much in one mural practically secured 2 more.

Terra Nova Legacy

After the first Mural Isaiah had started getting more seriously involved in the family trade, and there was no better training ground than the school he went to. So although a school paying for 3 murals led to some extra negotiation we still got started on the next 2. First being a set of tigers for the Swim team around the school pool. Which we also got to enjoy having the swim team help out with painting the base coats so we could focus on the tigers, and more detailed parts of the project.

Of course even after all that work on these 2 white tiger Pete wasn't done with the Terra Nova Tigers. So just before Isaiah could graduate we started work on their last mural. A set of large wooden installations sporting their own paintings. So the school could later add to and replace each one for different down the line fundraiser style events. it was fantastic way to say goodbye to the school we worked so well with, and Isaiah Graduated from. Especially sense atleast in part the senior class of 2015 helped pay for our last project with Terra Nova.

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